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March Favourites |


Ruth B- Lost boy


Awaken your Psychic Ability – Debbie Malone

The 4 hour work week – Timothy Ferris


German-  Because I need to do something productive to stop my mind from wondering all the time, I decided to start with a language I already partially know. Its kind of ironic since I can hardly speak English and that’s my first language, but we will give it ago.

Keyboard- I purchased a keyboard a loooong time ago for Z.J but after a day or two she was no longer interested so I have decided instead of letting that money go to waste that I would try and pick it up and to my surprise its actually not that hard but it’s still early day’s so i’ll check back in a month or two and let you know how I’m going.



13 reasons why-  I don’t think I have ever cried so much in my life over a TV show that didn’t include puppies but this one really had me sobbing. It took me two whole days to watch every episode and I have never been more obsessed. I loved it, I hated it, I cried, laughed and threw a tanny over this show. It was one hell of an emotional roller coaster but oh so worth it. I feel like this show is a real life changer especially for those young teenagers who are suffering from depression and the ones who aren’t but don’t have a full understanding for how their action can impact somebodies life. This show is so heartbreakingly honest, everyone needs to see it.

Check out the trailer below and if you have Netflix go and check out the show…… just have a box of tissues ready, shits about to get real.

Orphan black-  Season four! I had been waiting for season four and somehow it came out on Netflix without me knowing.  I’m not going to bore you with a review because honestly I’m so late to the party everyone has already given the same opinion I would anyway but what I will say is this….. I’m still confused, just not as intrigued.

Touch- Currently watching – I have only just started to watch this series and need-less-to-say, I am hooked.


MONQ. These personal essential oil diffuser’s have honestly saved my life and I didn’t realise how much they had impacted me until yesterday morning when I was driving to work and felt so disoriented and out of place. You know that feeling you get when you’ve forgotten to do something and you just cant quite figure it out? well this was me as I drove to work yesterday morning. It wasn’t until I pulled into the parking lot ( 45 minutes after I had left my house ) that I realised what was missing. I had forgotten my MONQ’s argh! I almost cried!

These little beauty’s have become my holy grail over the past few weeks that I have had them in my life. My favourite would have to be Zen and second to that would be Sleepy. I have never been a good sleeper and through out my 24 years on this earth I have never had a good nights sleep until now. I’ve tried so many different sleeping aids but nothing ever really worked for me. To wake up in the morning and feel relaxed, refreshed and in a way “rebooted” is probably the best feeling I have ever felt. I cant really explain it but imagine finally having/feeling something “normal” that you’ve never had before. Its pretty remarkable. I could go on and on about these little gems but perhaps i’ll save that for another post.


Miracles now card deck – Gabriella Berstein – After reading all her books I just had to get my hands on these. They are perfect! I absolutely love them.


Native Spirit oracle cards – Denise Linn- I didn’t want to come on here and show my “wacky, spirited hippie” side but I have to share a little story with y’all. A few months ago, just before Christmas I was in my local crystal shop when I accidentally bumped this frog-water-fall-thingy and it bumped the chair which then bumped the bookshelf which then made a few books fall off. As I was picking them up with the assistance of the retailer (lets call her Jenna for the purpose of this story ) something caught my eye from over her shoulder. Sitting outside on the table, looking in through the window was a bird. A huge bird.

This is where it starts to play out almost like a movie…… I’m staring at the bird for what seems like forever but was probably really only a couple of seconds. Jenna brings me back to reality by asking if I’m okay, I reply yes, say I’m sorry and look down at the book in my hand, only its not a book, its something so much better then that. Its a card deck.

Jenna tells me the cards are and I quote “a fab one”.  So as I kneel on the ground I look down at the cards and realise the bird on the box is the same bird that moments before was staring at me through the window.  (insert “shes bat-shit crazy” thoughts)

Now, if you know me then you already know I’m a “this is a sign” kinda gal which is why there was no doubt in my mind, I had to have them. I believe we are all connected in different ways. Some Oracle cards will work well for you while I will feel nothing for them and vice versa. My first reading I did with these was very powerful but ill share that in another post.

P.S I’m fully aware the bird may have actually been looking at its own reflection in the window or something else but lets just go with it……. okay? 


R E F L E C T I O N:

One thing I have come to realise this month is how much of my life I have taken for granted. I’m always in such a hurry to do the next thing that I never take a moment to just breath. The three photos are screen shot’s I grabbed from my dash cam. (please excuse the dirt on my window) It takes me anywhere from 30-45 minutes to get to work of a morning depending on the traffic. I usually wake up around 6:30 am so I can be out the door by 7 am (this never happens) to make it to work by 8 am. The last few weeks I have been so caught up on complaining about having to wake up before the sun that I never really took the time to actually notice my surroundings.

On this particular morning the radio in my car had stopped working, I had no CD’s on hand and I had just done an update on my phone and lost all my music. So I was left to listen to my own thoughts and for the first time in a really long time the world around me was quiet. wp-1491296489486.png




This one may be kind of gross for some but for me its really exciting and really really cool.
Ever since I was a little girl I have always had an obsession with SFX make-up.  So when i came across an SFX kit and book on eBay. I had to buy them. I just had too! This photo is my first ever “real”attempt because obviously I’ve tried before. I have watched so many tutorials on YouTube but nothing professional so this is pretty exciting for me. Hopefully a year from now when I’m writing up my March monthly faves for 2018 ill look back at the post and see how far I’ve come!


Miss 6 wanted pink hair and obviously being the cool Mum that I am (insert sarcasm) I allowed it. It took forever to find something that wasn’t actually dye and that would look legit and would colour brown hair.  This is spray hair chalk. She didn’t wash her hair for nearly a week because she didn’t want it to wash out. Not to worry though, we have stocked up on plenty of hair chalk now and I highly doubt we will run out anytime soon. Z.J can have a different colour hair everyday + she will wash her hair more then once a fortnight. That’s a win, win in my book.



This quote hit home for me…. I’m not sure if its because I came across it while on my 13 reason’s why binge or if there was another reason but I think I needed this little reminder to be kind and think before I do or say. I feel like at the beginning of this month I started to lose track of the path I was on. I started Zingara Soul to blog my journey to a healthier, happier life and included in that was the purpose of me wanting to become more mindful of how I treat other’s and how I spend my time but I think at some point I somehow got a little lost along the way.
This quote is a good reminder to think before you do. Use your time wisely by doing the things you want to do, the things that make you happy and give you joy. Step outside of your comfort zone and enjoy life.
Always be kind to other’s because you never know what they are going through behind closed door’s.



What was one of your favourite thing’s from March?

I would love suggestions on Netflix shows to watch and books to read for April. Let me know if you have any please…..
Thanks for stopping by I hope to see you again soon.



How to: create wholesale account with doTERRA


Hey guys.

Im just going to put this here because so many people have asked how to sign up to doTERRA. I tried to simplify it the best i could.
First thing you need to do is click HERE

click Australia.
Click – Local (OTG) Order: Select this option if you wish to order your items from an Australian Warehouse in Australian Dollars
*Some of the oils have different names to American ones and you pay less for shipping and the products takes less time to come!
Click continue
I suggest people click Whole sale. This is the cheapest option and the most rewarding.
Fill in your details and create yourself a password
** My sponsor ID IS: 3999058. It should automatically fill but if it doesn’t you may need to manually put my number in. doTERRA will not allow you to sign up if you don’t have a sponsor ID.
On the next page choose the kit you want OR the $35 intro paperwork and type in the names of the oils and blends you want and then fill in your payment details.
If You buy a kit you do not have to pay the $35 sign up fee!
Any other question you have you can message me on here or my doTERRA website http://www.mydoterra.com/emiella
I hope this makes sense. I know its a little confusing to begin with but its really simply once you get the hang of it.. I promise!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I’d be more then happy to help.