How to: create wholesale account with doTERRA


Hey guys.

Im just going to put this here because so many people have asked how to sign up to doTERRA. I tried to simplify it the best i could.
First thing you need to do is click HERE

click Australia.
Click – Local (OTG) Order: Select this option if you wish to order your items from an Australian Warehouse in Australian Dollars
*Some of the oils have different names to American ones and you pay less for shipping and the products takes less time to come!
Click continue
I suggest people click Whole sale. This is the cheapest option and the most rewarding.
Fill in your details and create yourself a password
** My sponsor ID IS: 3999058. It should automatically fill but if it doesn’t you may need to manually put my number in. doTERRA will not allow you to sign up if you don’t have a sponsor ID.
On the next page choose the kit you want OR the $35 intro paperwork and type in the names of the oils and blends you want and then fill in your payment details.
If You buy a kit you do not have to pay the $35 sign up fee!
Any other question you have you can message me on here or my doTERRA website
I hope this makes sense. I know its a little confusing to begin with but its really simply once you get the hang of it.. I promise!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I’d be more then happy to help.



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