One of my favourite things to do is shop online and recently while chatting with some of my readers I discovered that so do you.
I love when I see people doing good deeds and giving back. I believe that it only takes one person to change somebody’s whole world that’s why I did some research into my favourite online stores and found that some of them are already giving back and so I thought It was only morally right of me to share them here with you all.

  1. The Little Market | www.thelittlemarket.com

I’m sure some of you have heard about The Little Market. If you haven’t then you probably live under a rock. The Little Market was founded by Hannah Skvarla and Lauren Conrad. Yes, The Hills, Laguna Beach, LC. That Lauren Conrad.
The reason why I love TLM so much is because all the beautiful products sold in their store are handmade by artisan’s all over the world giving women a sustainable income and an opportunity to rise above poverty and support themselves and their families.
They are connecting these hardworking, deserving people with customer’s who otherwise, if it wasn’t for TLM they would have never heard of them.
I love this and I think that they are making such a powerful difference in the world. How could you not support that?

2. The Elephant Pants | www.theelephantpants.com

Two friends determined to put an end to the exploitation of elephants around the globe founded The Elephant Pants in 2014. They have donated over $127,000 to varies organisations that are creating a better and safer world for elephants. The clothing and accessories they have created are so stylish and nothing like I have ever seen before. I’m in absolute awe as to what they have created and what they are doing. I think it’s amazing.

3. Pura Vida | www.puravidabracelets.com

I first came across this store a few months ago and immediately fell in love. Each and every bracelet is beautiful. The more I looked through their site the more obsessed I became. At some point I clicked on their “Story” tab and my heart almost exploded. You can go and check out the full story for yourself but ill give you a brief run down….
Two friends named Griffin Thall and Paul Goodwin were on a college graduation trip to Costa Rica when they came across two artisans named Jorge and Joaquin who were selling handcrafted bracelets. Thall and Goodwin purchased 400 bracelets and took them back home to southern California where they sold each and every one with customers begging for more and this was how Pure Vida was born.
Not only did this give Jorge and Joaquin the opportunity to rise above poverty but they have also employed over 100+ friends. Along with this Pure Vida has also donated over $935,358 to 190+ charities all over the world. Pretty remarkable!


4. MAHI Leather | www.mahileather.com

A few months ago I was comparing childhood stories with a work college of mine who is original from India but living in Australia for next 12 months. At some point we got to talking about how little water she had to drink while growing up because the water where she is from is not suitable for drinking or bathing in for that matter.  This is why when I discovered that MAHI leather donates $1.50 from the sale of every bag to Frank Water it tugged at my heart strings.  To this date they have raised over $7,000 providing clean water for over 100 families in India, for life! Pretty damn extraordinary if you ask me.

5. Warby Parker | www.warbyparker.com

As somebody with extremely bad vision ( I’m not over exaggerating, promise) I really can appreciate Warby Parker for their affordable glasses and generosity in giving back. They donate monthly to one of their nonprofit organisations that not only give glasses to those who need them but also train men and women to give basic eye exams creating sustainable jobs and eye care to growing communities.

What’s one of your favourite online stores? 




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