Book Review: Spirit Junkie: A radical Road to self-love and miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein

I few weeks ago I made a comment on twitter about how hard this book was to read and I was only a few chapters in but I already wanted to give up…. well I have no finished the book and I really wish I could take that comment back.

Although it was hard to get into at first and I didn’t relate to much of what Gabrielle was saying I did learn a lot about myself and life in general from this book.

One of the biggest things I have taken away from this book is how to change my thoughts. I fully believe we are our biggest critics and sometimes its hard to notice this. We often put ourselves down without realising that it is us and not the universe or the people around us. Of course the world can be cruel but if we are self loving then what does it matter?

Over the past few weeks I have been more mindful as to what message I send to myself and when people around me are cruel I have become more aware of what I take in and what I leave at the door.

I love that the overall message of this book is to believe in ourselves and love ourselves first. Which is why I gave this book a 5 star on Goodreads.

I highly recommend it to all my readers. I think this book came at the perfect time in my life but even so it was a great read.



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