The beaches of The Central Coast

We start our journey at The Entrance. 

There are so many fun things you can do at The Entrance. Before visiting this place I didn’t realise how Family friendly it was. I thought it was more of a “go and get drunk” kind of place but after visiting I have been clearly proven wrong.
Because our visit was only short we didn’t get much of a chance to explore everything but we have made plans to visit again soon.
Here is a short list of a few things you can do there.

  1. Pelican Feeding!
    Probably the best bloody idea ever mate. It happened around 3:30 pm at Pelican Plaza. Honestly, we were just walking past and saw a bunch of people standing around and thought we would be sticky beaks and take a look and it was amazing. So much for the kids.
  2. Vera Water Park!
    Located right behind Pelican Plaza is probably the coolest water park EVER! The kids will love it and honestly, you will too!
  3. Boomerang Bike Hire!
    The name of this one pretty much speaks for itself, you hire a bike for so many hours and then you return it. I thought this was pretty cool because I for one do not pack my bike when going on little road trips…. (I dont own a bike.. shhh) They have kids bikes and adult bikes and those weird looking bikes with the parent seat and the baby seat.

This is just a few of the things you can do while here. they have so many more activities such as The heritage Walk, Mini Golf, The Entrance Ocean Baths, Scuba diving and paddle boats. We are planning out trip for around Christmas time so expect another up date then.

Our next destination was Norah Head.

There are so many beautiful beaches here. We spent most of our time at the beach between Pelican Point and Soldiers Point mainly because it was so quiet.
If you are feeling fit and energetic id suggest checking out Norah Head lighthouse. the beach is beautiful. When looking at it from the google maps it looks small but trust me it is huge!
The reason why I say “fit and energetic” is because the walk back up is tough. Its walking up a very steep set of stairs and may cause an asthma attack but other then that.. worth it!

we also checked out The Rockpool while at Norah Head but because it was Easter long weekend the place was pretty packed and we didnt spend much time there.


Next up was Jewfish Point or “Lakes Beach”
I’m not very familiar with the terminology on the central coast as I’m not quite a “local”…..yet!  But a few of my friends who are locals referred to it as Lakes beach while others (including google) call it Jewfish Point. You can call it whatever you like, I don’t think it really matters.

I have frequented this beach quit a bit throughout my life. This has always been my go to place when needing to run away. Unfortunately for me, its about 6 and a half hours from where I currently live but the drive is definitely worth it for house beautiful this beach is.
There is absolutely nothing to do at this beach but relax, swim and sunbath… or you can fish if you’re into that.

at the other end of this beach is Birdie Nudist Beach. We did not go there but you can if you feel like it.

The next beach we went to was at Reids Mistake Head. 


This is a tiny little beach at Swansea Head. We ended up here by mistake (haha). I took the wrong road assuming the GPS was wrong. It wasn’t. But it made for a nice little adventure and if you ever are in the area its a nice little spot to stop and relax for a bit.
There’s a little park, toilet and BBQ area. We saw lots of fishermen so I’m assuming its a great place for a catch.

Our Journey kind of ended here because the next place we made it to was Newcastle and the beach there was amazing!


All pictures are thanks to Google images*


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