My everyday Make-up

Maybelline fit me! powder in the shade 220

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The benefits of Rosehip Oil

I jumped on the rosehip oil band wagon a little over 6 months ago and have really come to like it. I’m a huge believer in “paying it forward”. I think that when you discover a little piece of magic that has made your life easier you should definitely share it with the world.

Depending on what brand your Rosehip Oil is it may contain a few extra chemicals that you don’t want so make sure you pick one that is certified organic rosehip oil. None of that fake nasty stuff.

I first purchased a rosehip oil because I wanted to reduce the appearance of acne scaring on my face and chest, the first rosehip oil I ever tried smelt absolutely disgusting, the second one I tried did not smell that much better and the third one smelt absolutely amazing however, it was like 1% rosehip oil and 99% fragrance oil, which is not at all good for you, your skin or the environment. Continue reading “The benefits of Rosehip Oil”